Mr. Miller's Bug Tracker

October 8, 2010
by John Miller

The Dragon is on the way to Vancouver



The Huzzahian Dragon was picked up from it’s cache yesterday by a geocacher named VCTrails. He is on a trip from San Luis Obispo to Vancouver and has promised to deliver “The Dragon” safely to a cache in Canada. He will be stopping along the way and picking up some more caches. This appears to be a perfect match and we wish VCTrails a safe journey 🙂

Find out more by reading The Dragon’s log.

UPDATE: VCTrails has posted several photos of The Dragon on his adventure. Visit the log link above to view! (10/10/10)

UPDATE#2: The Huzzahnians have written an outstanding blog post about The Dragon.

UPDATE #3: The Dragon has arrived in Canada!!!! He/she/it is in a cache near the Vancouver airport. (10/15/10)

Image: ‘Morning Mist at the Lagoon‘

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